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Watches Can’t be Stored Casually, Did You Know?

Dec 12, 2020

Many watch fans will encounter this problem: If you don't wear this watch for a period of time, how should you store it? As a particularly delicate “little lover” on the wrist, you must carefully find a safe “home” for it.

  • We can wrap the watches that are not usually used in a soft cloth and place them in a clean, moisture-proof environment and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Don't put the watch together with cosmetics, perfume, etc. Because this may cause oxidation "deterioration" of appearance parts, such as fading of gold-plated watches, etc. At the same time, avoid contact with magnetic fields to avoid magnetization.
  • If it is a leather strap, it is recommended to keep the strap stretched as much as possible, while the steel chain strap can be cleaned and dried before storing.
  • After taking off the watch for daily wear, it is recommended to handle it gently. Since the watch is a precision instrument, random throwing will produce vibrations and damage the small internal parts. At the same time, try to avoid putting it on the edge of the table corner to avoid falling.

Taboos of Wearing a Watch

  • The leather strap looks good, but not durable

Everyone knows that leather strap is more gentlemanly, so many men choose leather straps when wearing watches, but after a period of time, they find that leather straps are easily damaged.

In fact, whether the belt is cowhide or crocodile leather, the service life is about 2-3 years, and usually needs maintenance, and when it is easy to sweat in summer, the sweat will corrode the leather strap and easily shorten the life of the strap. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear a steel strap or a rubber strap in the summer, which is more comfortable and relaxed.

Wear a leather strap in your daily life. Be careful not to touch water or corrosive liquids. If you touch it, try to wipe it dry. If the belt is stained, you can use a soft toothbrush with some toothpaste or detergent to gently brush the strap and seams, then rinse with water, wipe with a flannel, and dry the strap with a hairdryer.

  • Mechanical watches are not worn for a long time and need to be wound regularly.

Many mechanical watches are unused at home, but they are not wound on a regular basis, which causes many problems with the watches.

In fact, if the mechanical watch is not worn for a long time, it also needs to be wound on a regular basis, the purpose is to keep the watch movement in good condition.

Of course, if possible, it would be better to buy a watch winder to store the watch.

Do not store the mechanical watch in a humid environment. Be careful not to store mothballs together with the mechanical watch, as this will affect the movement; it is best not to place it in a TV or stereo that is easily magnetized.

  • Mechanical watches are not as accurate as quartz watches, but watch players often choose mechanical watches

Many people wonder why most people choose mechanical watches because it is clear that quartz watches are more accurate than mechanical watches.

Indeed, mechanical watches have errors. Quartz watches may only have a few seconds of error in a week or a month. Even for a mechanical watch certified by the Swiss Observatory, the range of error per day is between +6 seconds and -4 seconds. 

People who play mechanical watches usually not for watching the time, but to enjoy mechanical pleasure.

If you really cannot accept this error, it is recommended to buy a quartz watch or an electronic watch to keep the time accurate.

Mechanical Watch

  • If the mechanical watch is not worn for a long time. You need to wind the watch regularly. Because the mechanical device needs to complete the complete energy charging and discharging process on a regular basis. As the saying goes "life lies in motion is the same with mechanical devices. In order to avoid drying up the lubricating oil of watch movement due to long-term stagnation, oil dirt and other impurities will appear, which will affect the accuracy of watch travel time or stop.
  • If it is an automatic mechanical watch with a perpetual calendar, it is recommended to use a watch winder to store the watch. The watch winder is powered by a battery and can also be connected to a DC power supply. The watch is placed in the watch box and is rotated to simulate the state of being worn on the wrist, and make the mechanical watch always full of energy to avoid stopping and going.

Quartz Watches

  • There are rumors that: "The quartz watch should be stored with the head pulled out, so as to save the battery power and extend the service life." In fact, this is the wrong method. The handle of the watch has a waterproof function. If the head is pulled out for a long time, the waterproof performance of the watch will decrease. In some cases, the mirror surface will be fogged. In severe cases, the internal parts may get damp and rust and corrode. And even if the head is pulled out, although the second hand stops moving, the mechanical device inside the watch is still running, which cannot save power.
  • The storage of the quartz watch also needs to pay attention to regularly check whether the battery has sufficient power. If the battery runs out or is about to run out, it is recommended to send it to a professional maintenance station as soon as possible to replace the watch battery. If the battery is not replaced in time due to long-term storage, it may cause battery leakage and cause corrosion and rust of the movement parts.

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