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A watch that doesn't need a watch winder

Feb 8, 2021

Watch friends often ask a question, that is, where to buy a watch winder? In such a situation, I would ask why I want a watch winder.

There are only two kinds of answers. The first is that I heard that the watch can't stop for fear of damage, so I need a watch shaker to replace people on the chain. The second is because there are many watches, so I have to adjust to the correct current time every time I change the watch. It's really troublesome.

Recently, however, the clock brand Resence has successfully solved this problem by launching a watch that "does not need a watch shaker".

type 2

Resence, founded in 2010, is a very unique watch company. Beno? T mintiens, the founder of the brand, is not a watchmaker, but an industrial designer. His previous designs for watches included high-speed trains, airplane cabins, medical equipment, leather goods and even shotguns. This kind of work experience makes his understanding of advanced tabulation completely different.

In 2010, the brand launched a prototype concept table at the Baselworld watch show, which adopted a "planetary" dial, and this new concept has won a lot of popularity. In 2011, the official Zero series was launched, with a limited number of 50 sold out.

In fact, last year, resence has exposed this watch that "does not need a watch shaker", but it was a prototype watch at that time. After a year, the brand officially launched a mass production model.

The watch is called type 2, and its design is closely related to the style of the brand. The appearance of the watch is mellow, and there is no common three-dimensional pointer. The indication of time is realized by three different dials under the watch mirror. At the same time, the three dials will keep rotating when the movement is running, rather than fixed.

The biggest difference of this type 2 is that it "doesn't need a watch shaker". Whenever you pick it up and wear it, you just need to tap the watch mirror to display the current correct time immediately.

At the same time, this type 2 has four different modes to choose from, which are pure mechanical mode, first time zone, second time zone and electronic adjustment. In the electronic adjustment mode, you can use the mobile phone to connect and quickly set the time. And the electronic control system with "time monitoring" function, every day it will scan the pointer, if it is inconsistent with the time set in the control system, it will take automatic adjustment.

Maybe some watch friends will think that if the electronic part is dead, there will be no way to activate it? Don't worry about that. The designer of type 2 has also installed a micro power generation device inside the movement, which can generate electricity through sunlight. And the electronic control system is customized by resence, which only consumes 1.8 joules of energy per day.

The normal travel time of the watch depends entirely on the internal mechanical movement, and the electronic part does not interfere with it. Its power storage time is 36 hours. When the watch owner takes down the watch and places it, once the electronic part monitors that the watch has not moved, it will start "sleep mode" after more than 12 hours. The electronic part will jam the spring of the mechanical movement, so that the pointer will stop running and the mechanical energy will not be consumed. At this time, the electronic part runs with low power consumption. Once the master wearer is activated, the electronic part will release the spring and adjust the pointer time to the correct position.

Seeing this, surely some watch friends will ask, is it realized through mechanical structure? Of course, such a complex function is certainly difficult to achieve by mechanical structure alone, but needs the assistance of electronic system. The movement of type 2 is divided into two parts, one is the traditional mechanical movement eta2892, the other is the electronic control system.


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