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Classic Design

Single Watch Winders

If you have that one special time piece that requires special attention. You will find an individual watch winder to fullfil those needs. We carry a full range of single watch winders to cater to each watches requiremets.

Roroos single watch winders, a range of various products designed to hold any automatic watch. Ideals for travel purpose or storage in a safe.

Best gift choice

Double Watch Winders

If you stop wearing your watch for a day or two, the next time you reach for it to put it on your wrist you will discover that it has stopped and all of your careful settings must be redone. However, that will never happen if you invest in a Roroos single watch winder, a beautiful and secure watch box equipped with a turntable and motor that will wind your watch according to its manufacturer specifications.

Available in veneer finishes of leather, walnut, cherry and bamboo, Roroos winders offer four different winding settings and wind clockwise, counter clockwise and bidirectionally. They can run on AC power or on batteries, making travel a breeze and taking away any worries about disparities in electrical current from country to country.

A true classic favorate

Quad Watch Winders

Ensuring that all of your watches are wound according to their manufacturer specifications is more important than you might think. Worry no more about your fine watch maintenance once you purchase one of Roroos’ quad watch winders. Designed to maintain four watches at their customized winding settings, Roroos quad winders are both beautiful and functional.

All models are beautifully finished in cherry, walnut, bamboo or leather and can be proudly displayed in your home or office.

Timeless Design Rooted In The Modern World

Timeless Design Rooted In The Modern World

“All inspired by traditional fashion eras - is something I find truly unique.

We genuinely believe that we’ve managed to squeeze as much luxury and modernity into a collection of watchwinders as possible and still make them a tribute to classic watch windermaking, which we are very proud of.”

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