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How to Set Your Watch Winder for Rolex Watches - TPD AND WINDING DIRECTIONS

Dec 15, 2020

Watch is an essential accessory for a man, it not only can be used as a timekeeping tool, but also can be used as an accessory to enhance your image. Therefore, choosing a suitable watch has become a hot topic for many people. And speaking of watches, there is another tool that cannot be ignored, that is, the watch winder.

Watch winder, also known as automatic watch winder or automatic watch box, usually refers to a watch box equipped with a motor for automatic winding of high-end mechanical watches. Also known as automatic winding watch box, automatic winding motor watch box, motor box. Generally speaking, the watch winder is used to adjust the time to the precise point, but few people know how to use it.

The working principle of the watch winder

The motor box is a watch box equipped with a micro motor, driven by a battery or an external power source, and can be controlled by shifting and switching. This kind of watch box is equipped with a rotatable small dial, this dial is slowly rotated under the drive of a micro motor, and the mechanical watch is placed in this dial to achieve the effect of automatic winding.

Many people have bought a watch winder and do not know the winding direction of their watch model. If your watch is wound in one direction, you need to know whether the automatic rotor is wound clockwise or counterclockwise. If the rotation direction is set incorrectly, It will cause the problem that the watch cannot be wound without power! If your watch is bidirectional, you can switch left and right to shake the watch. Today, I will show you the winding directions of Rolex movements, so that you can use the watch winder more appropriately!

How to use the watch winder

  1. First of all, you must understand the function of each gear before using the watch winder. Generally speaking, the first gear means off, the second gear means Rotate 4 minutes 30 second Clockwise. Rest for 55 minutes 30 second. Repeat. The third gear means Rotate 4 minutes 30 second Counter-Clockwise. Rest for 55 minutes 30 second. Repeat. The fourth gear can be Rotate 4 minutes Clockwise. Rest for 26 minutes. Rotate 4 minutes Counter-Clockwise. Rest for 26 minutes. Repeat. The fifth gear means Rotate 6 minutes Clockwise. Rest for 24 minutes. (work 4 hours, rest 8 hours), Rotate 4 minutes 30 second Counter-Clockwise. Rest for 55 minutes 30 second (work 4 hours, rest 8 hours).
  2. After clarifying the usage of the winder, turn on the switch, place the mechanical watch on the small dial inside the winder, and then close it, adjust the gear you want, the watch winder will automatically rotate. The operation is simple and convenient, suitable for office workers who are usually busy at work.

Next please find recommended TPD and Winding Direction for your Rolex watches below. It Is a good practice to know the perfect watch winder settings for your Rolex.


[CW] - Clockwise winding direction;

[CCW] - Counterclockwise winding direction;

[Both] - Combined mode (Clockwise + Counterclockwise);

Brand Model Movement or Caliber Winding Direction Turns Per Day (TPD)
Rolex Rolex most Most Rolex Movements both 650
Rolex-Chosmograph Daytona   Clock wise 800-950
Rolex - Daytona Cosmograph 4130 both 650-800
Rolex - Gmt MasterⅠ- 16700 Caliber 3135 both 650-800
Rolex - Submariner Rolex both 650


There are two points needing to pay attention to while using a watch winder:

  1. Before placing the watch in, the watch itself should run normally. It is best to have more than half of the kinetic energy, because the watch winder keeps the watch running, and the stopped watch may not be able to drive.
  2. the turning direction of watch winder must conform to the design of the watch.

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